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Solar Panels for your Home.

Solar Panels Kent

At Solar Panels Kent we are Solar Panel installers based in Maidstone in Kent. We cover all of Kent so if you live in Broadstairs or Bromley we cover it all. Solar panels deliver a significant reduction in electricity bills. There's also the opportunity to earn money from the UK Government's incentive schemes. Solar Panels are a greener alternative to fossil fuels. Solar panels emit no carbon dioxide as they operate, helping the planet to minimise its carbon footprint. Solar Panels Kent, our aim is to provide you with all the information you need so that you can work out the feasibility of solar energy for your home. We'll explain the different types of solar panels available and how you can benefit from them.

We also have information on Feed in Tariffs schemes introduced to reward and encourage the installation of solar panels. We have qualified solar installers ready and waiting to provide a full quote and any extra advice you need. Call us today Tel 0845 5051199. We cover all of Kent.

Solar Panels  

Photovoltaic Solar Panels.

The benefits of Solar Panels is that it creats electricity for free, you'll save significantly on your electricity bills. What's more, the Government's Feed in Tariffs will see you paid for the electricity you generate.

You can be paid TWICE for the electricity your PV solar panels create. The Suppliers are obliged not only to pay a generation tariff, but also an export tariff – a fee for the electricity you generate but don't use in your home.

Find out more about Feed in Tariffs.

Solar Energy in Kent

Solar Photovoltaic Panels come in many diffrent forms the best for home systems would be a Mono Pv panel

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